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Pet Grooming
Dog Hair or Dog Fur: Is There a Difference?
Do you know the difference between dog hair and dog fur?
John Gilpatrick
Dog scratching ear
4 Natural Treatments for Yeast Infections in Dogs
While serious yeast infections might require medication, natural remedies can often help ease the problem.
Diana Bocco
February cat horoscopes
February 2018 Horoscopes
What's in the stars for you and your cat?
Virginia Bell
Valentine Dog
8 Fun Ways to Spend Valentine's Day with Your Dog
Because nothing else has our hearts quite like our pups.
Victoria Schade
Sebastian the Pit Bull puppy
Pet Rescue Stories
Neglected Puppy Overcomes Skin Condition with Love and Awesome PJs
All Sebastian needed was a little love and care.
Susan Johnston Taylor
Woman and puppy.
Pet News
Woman Battling Cancer Gets a Surprise Hangout with Shelter Puppies
Here come the happy tears.
Aly Semigran
Puppy Bowl
Pet News
Puppy Bowl 2018: Dogs Rescued From Natural Disasters Join the Lineup
No ifs, ands or buts: they're all winners.
Aly Semigran
Blind cat sitting on chair
Pet Parenting How-Tos
7 Ways You Can Help a Blind Cat
Take these steps to help your blind cat feel happy, be healthy and stay safe.
John Gilpatrick
Winter cat
5 Ways to Keep Your Cat Warm in the Winter
How to ensure your kitty is cozy and safe this season.
Elizabeth Xu
Dog sniffing strawberries
Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?
Find out if you can share this sweet fruit with your pup.
Elizabeth Xu