Pet Parenting How-Tos

Providing your pet with the care he or she needs can be daunting, from picking the right supplies for your puppy to introducing a new cat to your household. Fortunately, we’ve gathered our very best how-tos to get you up to speed, including how to find a dog trainer, the best way to pet a dog, and how to litter train your cat.
Man with dog
6 Tips for Boosting Your Dog's Confidence
Sometimes dogs need a confidence boost, too.
Teresa Traverse
Andrew Marttila taking cat photo
6 Tips for Taking Cat Pictures Like a Pro
Master the art of the feline photo with these easy tips.
Hannah Shaw
Driving with pet distractions
How to Curb Your Pet’s Antics While Driving
Having a loose pet in the car is just as bad as texting while driving.
Jennifer Nelson
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