Pet Parenting How-Tos

Providing your pet with the care he or she needs can be daunting, from picking the right supplies for your puppy to introducing a new cat to your household. Fortunately, we’ve gathered our very best how-tos to get you up to speed, including how to find a dog trainer, the best way to pet a dog, and how to litter train your cat.
Baby sitting on dog
6 Ways to Prepare Your Dog for a Baby
Make life with your new addition and your four-legged bestie a little bit easier.
Elizabeth Xu
Dogs sitting on a porch
5 Common Mistakes Foster Pet Parents Make
I have to be two steps ahead of my foster and resident dogs to ensure a peaceable kingdom.
Victoria Schade
How to improve your dog's life
6 Simple Ways to Instantly Improve Your Dog's Life
It doesn't take much to make your dog's life better.
Helen Anne Travis
Dogs sitting in a group
8 Ways to Host the Best Dog Playdate
Make yappy hour fun for everyone.
Nicole Pajer
Pet hotel
Choosing a Dog Hotel: 7 Things to Look For
How do you know if a boarding facility is worthy of your trust?
Paula Fitzsimmons