While tending to your pet’s physical needs is important, developing a bond with your cat or dog is just as crucial to his or her health. We’re here to give you everything you need to build a long-term relationship with your pet. We’ll decode the ways cats show their love, share tips for earning your dog’s trust, and help you connect with your pet beyond the food bowl.
Sick day with cat
9 Ways to Enjoy a Sick Day with Your Cat
Go ahead, have "the flu" for a day. We won't tell.
Kathy Blumenstock
Behaviors pets learn from their owners
5 Behaviors Pets Learn from Their Owners
News flash: Your pet learns some of their bad behaviors from you (insert embarrassed emoji).
John Gilpatrick
Woman giving her dog some love
11 Parental Instincts That Kick in When You Get a Dog
Never going to turn into your mother? Think again.
Karen Belz
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