While tending to your pet’s physical needs is important, developing a bond with your cat or dog is just as crucial to his or her health. We’re here to give you everything you need to build a long-term relationship with your pet. We’ll decode the ways cats show their love, share tips for earning your dog’s trust, and help you connect with your pet beyond the food bowl.
6 simple ways to help your dog's mental health
6 Simple Ways to Help Your Dog’s Mental Health
How can we tell if our dogs are suffering? And how can we help them?
Maura McAndrew
Break out of a rut with your dog
Six Ways To Break Out of a Rut with Your Dog
It’s time to shake things up.
Teresa Traverse
Dated my dog for a week caricature
I Dated My Dog for a Week: Here’s What Happened
I wined and dined my dog for a whole week. And it was awesome.
Nicole Pajer
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