Pet Grooming

Cat and dog grooming is about more than just looking nice—pet grooming is an essential part of keeping your furry friends healthy. Here, you’ll find simple tips for how to trim your dog’s nails, how to clean your cat’s teeth, and how to brush your pet’s fur to keep it soft and free of mats. Bath time has never been so fun!
Freshen dog breath
6 Ways to Naturally Freshen Your Dog's Breath
Keep your dog’s mouth smelling cleaner in between brushings with these tips.
Victoria Schade
Dog Grooming: 5 Things You Should NEVER Do
A well-meaning pet parent can do some serious damage if they aren't careful.
Diana Bocco
Hacks for getting rid of pet fur
8 Hacks for Getting Rid of Pet Fur
We reached out to the pros for their tips on getting rid of pet fur.
Cheryl Lock
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