Can dogs eat bananas? Can cats eat cheese? These are all important questions—and we have the answers. Ensuring proper pet nutrition is one of the most important aspects of caring for your cat or dog. Learn about safe foods for cats, how much you should feed your dog, and the best natural foods and supplements to add to your pet’s diet.
Cat eating bread
Can Cats Eat Bread?
While it's not toxic, bread is not an ideal food for felines.
Kathy Blumenstock
Crockpot cooking
I Tried Crockpot Cooking For My Dogs: Here’s What Happened
I decided to try out several slow-cooker dog food recipes for my meal-loving pups.
Nicole Pajer
Superfoods for dogs
10 Superfoods You Should Feed Your Dog
Try adding these powerhouse foods to your pet’s diet.
Monica Weymouth
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