Natural pet care is a high priority for some pet parents and this is the perfect place to find answers to all of your questions. Find important information about feeding dogs raw meat, home remedies for fleas, and natural allergy relief for cats. These articles answer your questions about alternative medicine and homeopathic options for your pet’s care and wellbeing.
Healing crystals
Healing Crystals and Pets: What You Should Know
Get the facts behind the alternative fad.
Aly Semigran
Benefits of milk thistle
Milk Thistle Benefits for Pets
Should cats and dogs be given milk thistle?
Paula Fitzsimmons
Holistic treatments to skip
9 Holistic Pet Treatments You Should Skip
You trust the treatments your vet recommends, but what about the rest?
Paula Fitzsimmons
wasteful things pet parents do
8 Wasteful Things Pet Parents Do
Making small changes can reduce your pet’s paw print and help the environment.
Paula Fitzsimmons
Oatmeal on a table
6 Oatmeal Uses for Pet Parents
This useful grain can help pets in a variety of ways.
Lindsay Lowe