Master your pet craft skills with these easy-to-follow pet DIY projects. We’ll teach you everything from how to make a dog bed and bake homemade dog treats to how to build your own cat shelves and grow cat grass. These easy DIY dog projects and fun cat crafts will give you make you the creative envy of all your friends.
Pet Themed Magnets
DIY Pet-Themed Magnets
Turn your refrigerator into an homage to your furry housemates.
Victoria Schade
DIY cat tower
IKEA Hacks: How to Make a DIY Cat Tower
A super-easy DIY project (even with IKEA assembly).
Helen Anne Travis
DIY dog poop bag dispenser
DIY Dog Poop Bag Dispenser
Who says stocking poop bags has to be a total downer?
Cara Wengen
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