Top Beauty and Fashion Gurus Talk Life With Their Pets

These fashion and beauty influencers don't hesitate to gush about their pets.
By: Nicole Pajer

The Internet is filled with an array of beauty and style influencers. These trendsetters are constantly on top of everything, from the newest lipstick color in a seasonal line to the latest trending hairstyles and accessories. While it may seem like all these gals do is eat, sleep, and breathe beautifying products, they also enjoy other interests, such as paling around with and pampering their four-legged companions.

PawCulture surveyed some of today’s hottest social media stars to hear about their furry companions and to catch a glimpse into what life is like behind the scenes with their dogs. Below they share the heartwarming stories of how they rescued their pets, disclose the secret to getting their pups to pose for Instagram-worthy photos, and reveal their favorite pet beauty blunders—everything from eating foundation brushes to falling off chairs mid Snapchat video.

Hayley Kassel

Haley Kassel and her dog Grizz

Pet:5 year old Shiba Inu

Name:His name is Grizzly, aka “Grizz”

Where did you get him?

Well, I was looking to get a puppy for myself for the longest time. I knew I wanted a puppy but I also new I wanted to rescue/adopt one. I had been looking on the internet for some time, when I came across this listing that I immediately thought was a scam. Even adopting a Shiba can cost a good penny but this listing was different. It stated that this woman was not a breeder but that her two Shiba Inus had puppies together and she was looking to put them into good homes or else they would end up in the pound because her landlord did not want a whole litter to live in their apartment. The price for the puppies was so low; it was unheard of. That’s why I thought it was a scam but I reached out regardless. She got back to me immediately and even said she would bring the litter to me so I wouldn’t have to drive out all the way to where she lived.

The day came; she and her boyfriend brought all the puppies to my parents house so they could run around in the backyard and I could spend some time getting to know them. My boyfriend and I also got to know the woman some more and really realized she cared so much for these puppies and just wanted to find them great homes. In the end, it turned out that both my boyfriend and I had our eye on the same 7-week-old pup who had been climbing rocks pretty much the whole time and really observing his brothers running around. That pup was Grizzly

What is your dog’s favorite beauty accessory?

A good collar. He has such a pronounced neck—big, super sturdy, thick and fluffy. A good collar really showcases how fluffy he is, and his fur looks wonderful in almost any color. Right now he rocks a tan collar with different colored bones around it.

What is your pet’s favorite makeup brand or product?

His favorite makeup brand is Becca Cosmetics.

What is your pet’s best feature?

I would say his fur. His fur stops people. It’s very beautiful and eye-catching. It’s an orange, sesame color, just like a fox. We actually get asked a lot by people if he is part fox.

How does your pet accentuate that feature?

I am constantly brushing him! He sheds like no other all year round, which I don’t mind at all, but brushing really helps keep him cool during the hot days and keeps his fur looking fluffy and shiny! Just remember to comb with both a short sharp comb to get the under coat and a regular big comb, for the topcoat. That’s my main tip. I feel many people forget to do this and their dogs fur can start looking clumpy.

What’s the secret to grabbing a cute and post-worthy photo of your pet?
People always tell me he should be a model dog! Any position he is in, just plain sitting, standing, laying down, he looks statuesque. Sometimes you have to coax him in a picture if you want him to look directly at you, but other than that, he’s already posing.

Describe your relationship with your pet.
Yes, he is my pet, but I don’t like to think of him as just that. He is definitely a part of my family; I pretty much treat him like my kid. That doesn’t mean dressing him up or putting him in strollers or anything like that! He is just so much more to me than just a “pet.” He has my heart.

Describe your pet’s personality.

Shiba Inus are one of the most intelligent dog breeds so they definitely have personalities of their own, which Grizz has. He is very loyal to his pack and standoffish with others. He is super playful and absolutely loves fetch much more than interacting with other dogs at the park. Since he is standoffish with strangers, he does not like it when people run up to him to pet him, which happens all the time.

Give us a random fun fact about your pet.

We call him a little mountain goat because he loves to climb everything, especially rocks, extremely steep hills, mountains, boulders, etc. He does it so gracefully! It’s pretty amazing to watch.

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Madelynn and her dog Violet

Pet: Violet is a rescue pup. I was told she was a Havanese mix but I think she might be a Schnauzer/Miniature Poodle mix 

Name:Her name is Violet

Where did you get her?I adopted Violet from a rescue in Studio City called Wylder’s. She was rescued from a high-kill shelter in San Bernardino where she’d been picked up as a stray. I actually went to look at another dog who’d already been adopted by the time I got there. I found Violet by sheer coincidence and absolutely fell in love!

What is your dog’s favorite beauty accessory?Each time I take Violet to get groomed, they give her a bow in her hair. It’s insanely adorable but it never lasts long. She’s too rambunctious for all that!

What is your pet’s favorite makeup brand or product? Violet has a dry patch on her nose so I rub coconut oil on it—but she’d much rather eat it!

What is your pet’s best feature? Her incredibly fluffy, curly paws

What’s the secret to grabbing a cute and post-worthy photo of your pet?She’s terrible at taking photos! The only way to make her stay still is by offering treats.

Describe your relationship with your pet. I think we have a very fun-loving relationship

Describe your pet’s personality:Violet is so sweet, but also crazy rambunctious!

Give us a random fun fact about your pet:I’ve kept all of Violet’s firsts, including her first baby tooth she lost, her first toy (a Halloween Snoopy), and the bow she wore in her hair the night I took her home.

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Chelsea Hernandez

Chelsea Hernandez and her dog Eski

Pet: Shiba Inu 

Name: Eski. Kinda like Eskimo!

Where did you get your pet

I got her from a breeder because for my first dog I wanted a specific breed. But when I decide to add another one to the family, I would love to rescue. 

What is your dog’s favorite beauty accessory?

She’s my little girl! So I always buy her pink toys and her collar is pink also. Last year for Halloween, she was Wonder Woman!  

What is your pet’s favorite makeup brand or product?

She sometimes gets ahold of my makeup brushes and beauty blenders. 

What is your pet’s best feature?

I love everything about her but I think her eyes are so beautiful. She looks like she has permanent eyeliner on.

How does your pet accentuate that feature? 

She actually doesn’t need much. She doesn’t even need to go to the groomer because of her short coat. I make sure she’s clean, her nails are cut, and her coat is brushed. 

What’s the secret to grabbing a cute and post-worthy photo of your pet?

She can be a pretty good poser if she’s not distracted. But I usually bribe her with some peanut butter.

Describe your relationship with your pet.

She’s honestly my best friend and part of my family. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. 

Describe your pet’s personality.

She’s for sure a little diva. She refuses to walk in puddles; she’ll walk around them. She loves belly rubs but also likes to be independent and do her own thing. She’s super sweet. She also loves to play and run around; she could do it all day and never get tired. 

Give us a random fun fact about your pet.

I trained her to give kisses. If I say “Gimme kiss” she’ll come over and lick you. 

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Nakeah Fuller of Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood

Nakeah Fuller and her dog Roxy

Pet: Pit Bull

Name: Her name is Roxy

Where did you get your pet?

A surprise gift from an ex-fiancé.

What is your dog’s favorite beauty accessory?

Nail polish and she loves red lipstick.

What is your pet’s favorite makeup brand or product?

Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood Nail Lacquer & Lipstick.

What is your pet’s best feature?

Her eyes. One is brown; the other is blue. She’s also the most beautiful color of silver.

How does your pet accentuate that feature?

She has the most amazing bubbly personality. It’s quite obvious that she’s a girly-girl. Super girly!

How do you help her to accentuate that feature?

I love on her continuously, which shows in her sweet personality. I also keep her fresh and pretty with beautifully polished nails and a blinged out collar. 

Are there any products or beauty tips you use to keep your pet looking his best?

A fresh oatmeal bath regularly, which keeps her coat nice and shiny. Manicured nails, fresh dog spray and lots of beautiful love. 

What’s the secret to grabbing a cute and post-worthy photo of your pet?

She loves treats. And when I’m calm, she’s calm. She’s quite used to the camera. People snap photos everywhere we go. And she’s obedient so she sits and waits. If she’s in a busy environment, treats will always work.

Describe your relationship with your pet.

We have a very close bond.

Describe your pet’s personality.

Roxy is a diva, as she doesn’t like anything dirty. She’s also shy. Very sassy, loves to play and she’s super sweet. Everyone falls in love with her because of this.

Give us a random fun fact about your pet.

Roxy loves to kiss, especially when she sees red lipstick. She once jumped up and kissed a stranger in the mouth out of nowhere. We knew it was the lipstick that she loved on the woman. She is hilarious!

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Caroline Presson

Caroline Presson and her dog Huey

Pet:A 3-year-old French Bulldog.


Where did you get your pet?My boyfriend and I had only been dating for 6 months after we decided to get Huey and have all been together ever since, 3 years later. As soon as we saw him we knew we had to have him and he is seriously like our child!

What is your dog’s favorite beauty accessory?

Huey hates us putting his nose lotion on but his little nose gets so dry that we have to keep it moisturized. But he does love to wear sweaters and hoodies in the wintertime and they make him look that much cuter!

What is your pet’s favorite makeup brand or product?

He actually loves my Beauty Blenders. In fact, he ate an entire Beauty Blender sponge and I didn’t even know it until passed through him the next day… Gross!

What is your pet’s best feature?

His little white spot that’s right in the middle of his forehead.

How does your pet accentuate that feature?

Baby wipes! I use baby wipes all over him to keep his little creases clean and looking fresh.

What’s the secret to grabbing a cute and post-worthy photo of your pet?

Huey is definitely a natural poser. It’s like he knows he’s about to have his picture taken and acts the sweetest for it! I especially like to pick him up for a picture right after he’s done napping so he’s extra sleepy and sweet looking.

Describe your relationship with your pet.

He is my little angel baby! I’m like the embarrassing mom that takes photos of him 24/7 and is always reminding him what a good boy he is. He’s just the absolute sweetest and sent straight from Heaven, I’m pretty sure. He’s also so funny and there is not a day that goes by that he doesn’t make me laugh!

10. Describe your pet’s personality.

Like I said, he’s sweet and funny. I swear any day he’s just going to start talking to us because he acts so human like sometimes. He’s also super stubborn but that’s what makes him so funny too. He has the biggest personality for a dog that I’ve ever seen and I’m not just saying that because he’s mine!

Give us a random fun fact about your pet.

One day Huey was up on this chair we have in our living room rolling around in it (trying to take his shirt off) and I was making a Snapchat video of it because he does it all the time. Right before the video was about to end, Huey rolled off the chair and fell onto the floor and I caught the whole thing! I uploaded it to his Instagram (yes he has an Instagram account) and it got picked up on Facebook and became a viral video!

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Eileen Sandoval of Honeybeileen

Eileen Sandoval and her dogs

Pets: I have two dogs, a Maltee-Poo and a Terri-Poo 

Names: Honey & Beau 

Where did you get your pets?

I got Honey 9 years ago. She was a gift from my mom and I picked her out of a littler of pups that were dropped off at a pet store too soon to be away from mom. She was 4-weeks-old and I had to bottle-feed her. Beau is a rescue who I adopted from a foster home. 

What are your dogs’ favorite beauty accessories?

I used to dress up Honey for years when she was younger. I used to love putting her in pink jackets with fur trim and sparkly collars. I stopped dressing them up other than for Halloween and when it’s cold I put jackets on them. I just make sure they have cute collars.

What are your pets’ favorite makeup brand or product?

I’ll have to say MAC lipstick because I’ve caught Honey chewing one up way too many times. I have to be really careful where I leave them or that I don’t accidentally drop one on the floor around her without noticing.

What are your pets’ best features?

Honey has the prettiest eyes. I could stare at her adorable teddy bear face all day because she so pretty and has the longest lashes. She’s beautiful! And Beau has the cutest ears. He has one ear that stands up and the other is just limp. It’s so cute. 

How do your pets accentuate those features?

I make sure to keep them groomed often. Honeys hair gets long and covers her eyes if it’s not cut. Beau’s hair gets frizzy and funky so we have to visit the groomer regularly. 

What’s the secret to grabbing a cute and post-worthy photo of your pets?

Honey is a natural. I’ve been making her pose for years. Usually all it takes is the word “cookie” and she’ll sit there and pose. Beau seems to know what the camera is and is a big time photo bomber. If I’m ever trying to have my photo taken and he’s around, he’ll make sure to walk in behind me.

Describe your relationship with your pets.

Just the best! They are my soul mates. I can’t imagine life without them and pray for them every day. I ask God to please let them live as long as I’m alive because a huge part of my heart and soul would be gone if anything ever happened to them. They are both pretty attached to me and follow me everywhere I go, even if it’s the bathroom. Beau always wants to be on my lap and I sleep with Honey in my arms.

Describe your pets’ personalities.

Honey is a big time diva. She doesn’t like to be pet unless she specifically comes and asks for it. It takes her time to warm up to people if she ever even decides to at all. You can’t pet her and Beau at the same time or she’ll get snappy. She’s also a little more independent. 

Beau on the other hand is the sweetest thing in the world. He is so friendly and constantly in desperate need of attention. He loves people and loves kids. And he’s so silly and playful. I love them and how different they are. 

Give us a random fun fact about your pets.

They are so smart. We have a great way of communicating. My dogs (especially Honey) know how to communicate with me so I know what they want. They can play fetch forever. If I’m ever sick and in bed, they will not leave my side. Beau is pretty in tune with my emotions and knows how to make me feel better when I’m** f**eeling down. He literally will put his paws around my neck and lick my face in consolation. It’s the cutest thing. We like to go to the park and play and ride around the beach. But Honey doesn’t like getting her hair wet (kinda like mom) and the sand bugs her. My dogs are one of the best gifts God had blessed me with. 

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Lara Eurdolian of Pretty Connected

Lara and her dog Charlie

Pet: Pomeranian

Name: Charlie Westin King (Charlie was the name they gave him at the rescue shelter, Westin for the hotel, and King is his dad’s last name, which seemed more fitting then mine). 

Where did you get your pet?

I was on vacation in Palm Springs and was staying at the Westin Mission Hills, which has a wonderful rescue dog program. They partner with Animal Samaritans to let one rescue live in the lobby of the hotel until he or she gets adopted. I was at the hotel for almost a week and Charlie was the sweetest dog with the saddest story. He was picked up on the side of the road and was filthy in a tee shirt and taken to a kill shelter. Animal Samaritans rescued him and brought him to the Westin. When we met Charlie, he had little to no body hair and was itching all over. His teeth were in bad shape and he was terribly shy. He was having a tough time getting adopted since he’s a senior dog around 10-years-old, but when I heard his story, my heart melted. I was originally posting pictures of him trying to get him adopted but after walking him everyday, I realized I wanted to give him a home. We’ve been inseparable ever since. In the five months we’ve had him, almost all of his hair has grown back and his personality has come alive. He used to be very shy and barely have an appetite. Now eating and socializing are his favorite things!

You can read the whole story here:

What is your dog’s favorite beauty accessory? 

For beauty it’s Skinny Coconut Oil and Intelligent Nutrients Intellimune Antioxidant Complex. For fashion, he’s a Henri Bendel Pup, I think this picture says it all. He also loves kids tee shirts from Splendid

What is your pet’s favorite makeup brand or product? 

He loves his Jean Paul Gaultier for Atelier Swarovski Reverse Necklace Tie. It was a gift from his first major event at a Swarovski party and he wore it like the little prince that he is. The best part is that on their website, where they feature people wearing the accessory, the pictures are all of Charlie: 

What is your pet’s best feature? 

His ability to make people so happy. I get stopped constantly when we’re together. And his ability to make people’s day is really touching. 

How does your pet accentuate that feature?

I always used to dress him in shirts because his skin was so irritated but his head was always fluffy so it was pretty adorable. Now that most of his hair has grown back, I put cute bowties on him and bandanas and he’s a big puffball. 

What’s the secret to grabbing a cute and post-worthy photo of your pet?

Charlie is a great poser. H’s not hyper and he’ll stay put, so that helps. Otherwise, outside shots are always great when there’s good lighting but for the most part I set up the shot and camera so all he has to do is sit. He’s a natural though and he’ll sit on anything. 

Describe your relationship with your pet.

We’re very close and almost always together. He’s my ultimate sidekick and is the best gift I’ve ever given myself.  

Describe your pet’s personality.

He’s super laid back. He loves being outdoors and going for runs (especially off leash and in the woods or beach) but is also really content just hanging out and sitting on my lap or being held.

Give us a random fun fact about your pet.

He loves the subway. It’s really calming and he usually naps on my lap. The other fun fact is how active he is and how fast he is. Most people assume because he loves to be held when were in crowds, that he’s a lap dog but take him out to nature and he can out run me any day. 

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Dawn McCoy

Pet: A 12-year-old Maltese

Name: Miss Ellie. But, her full name is Miss Ellie Rue Southworth Ewing McCoy of Southfork of Dallas. She was named for Barbara Bel Geddes’ character, Miss Ellie, on the 1980s show, “Dallas,” of which I am a BIG fan!

Where did you get your pet?

I have terrible allergies, and my allergist had told me that a Maltese was the best option. I looked for a while and fell in love. When I finally decided it was time to adopt, no shelter Malteses were available. I was in Dallas and found a family whose Maltese surprisingly had puppies. I went and met her and the other 3, and she was the only girl. She was beautiful and had a sweet—yet skeptical—demeanor, but I still wanted to check the shelters in Dallas and I only had one day to get this dog. They were closed for repairs. I went back to the family and that little pup walked right up to me and I knew she was the one.

What is your dog’s favorite beauty accessory?

Ha! Well, you would be mistaken. Sweet Miss Ellie USED to like being snug in sweaters and such, but she had quite the trauma in 2007, when she was poisoned by a dog food company (the Chinese chicken fiasco of that year), stopped eating entirely, lost half her weight (going from 7.2 lbs to 3.6 lbs in 2 weeks) and had to have a feeing tube surgically put into her side. To keep the feeding tube in place in her side, we had to make a form-fitting tee out of a premie baby onesie. Luckily, after a month of being fed, she survived and has thrived. But, ever since, she hates clothes, because it reminds her of when she was sick, weak and frail. I don’t blame her.

What is your pet’s favorite makeup brand or product?

I would say she is a big believer in natural beauty. HOWEVER, she loves my Creme de La Mer face cream and lip balm (kissing it off, that is) which I have worn to bed every night since she was a tiny puppy, as well as Pixi Beauty Nourishing Lip Polish and Caudalie Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil.

What is your pet’s best feature?

Besides looking a little like Heather Locklear (which I’ve always said), I think everyone would say that Miss Ellie is an A+ traveler, and she has racked up her frequent flier miles. Whether she’s flying in first or riding shotgun in a pickup, she is equally at home. She often goes as a +1 on my #McCoysMeCations, where I cover hotels, resorts and travel experiences on Instagram.

How does your pet accentuate that feature?

Well, a travel-friendly bag is essential for comfort and ease. And, there are so many stylish options these days that you’re actually kind of proud to carry them—even though you’re TOTALLY that girl with the dog in your bag. To try my best to NOT look like Paris Hilton, circa 2005, I opt for classic, seasonal bags that let Miss Ellie breathe while looking like standard carry-on bags.

What’s the secret to grabbing a cute and post-worthy photo of your pet?

Oh, she fully knows she’s a model, thanks to Mama’s crazy career. Since a huge vein of my career is based in my presence on social media, she’s often in my photos and videos. I usually tell her it’s for a picture and she seems to know what that means, and knows she gets a treat. That’s the deal. And, she drives a hard bargain. She’s a little like Naomi Campbell, I suppose.

Describe your relationship with your pet.

Miss Ellie is my best friend, my baby, my grandma (and was like this even as a baby), and my constant companion. If I could take her everywhere, I would. I feel that by being her mom for the past 12 years, I have learned so much about mothering the children I will one day have. Mostly, she teaches me that my capacity for love is unlimited. I never knew you could grow to love someone—or something—more every single day.

Describe your pet’s personality.

I always say that El is what you get if you take Sophia from the Golden Girls and Suzanna Sugarbaker from Designing Women. She is beautiful and she knows it, but she is no-nonsense. She’s a little on the judgy side—especially with me and other girl dogs. Her motto is totally, “Don’t make it such a big deal.”

Give us a random fun fact about your pet.

She is a HUGE flirt with the boys. She LOVES boy dogs. I always say that I am such a girl’s girl, and yet she totally isn’t. All of her attention goes to the boys. They can be 6 years old or 6-months-old, and she will flirt and wag that tail until she’s tired of them. I always joke that she thinks I should take flirting advice from her.

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Melissa Flores

Pet: I have a Maltipoo

Name: His name is Max

Where did you get your pet?

I got Max from a Breeder. My poodle of 7 years passed away over the Summer is it was incredibly difficult saying goodbye to her. A friend of mine has a maltipoo and a few months ago told me her dog’s parents had a new litter. After having a poodle for so many years I already knew I loved the breed. I also had to make sure the breed I got was hypoallergenic because I have seriousl allergies to animals. Max was a perfect match and has helped me heal so much.

What is your dog’s favorite beauty accessory?

Max loves to be free, but looks really cute in little sweaters.

What is your pet’s favorite makeup brand or product?

Max’s favorite product is his freshening spray by Nature’s Miracle. It keeps him smelling so good in between baths.

What is your pet’s best feature?

His best feature is his fluffy fur.

How does your pet accentuate that feature?

I keep him clean with unscented wipes everyday. Since his fur is white you can quickly see if he gets a little dirty. I also brush his hair out every day.

What’s the secret to grabbing a cute and post-worthy photo of your pet?

Whenever I want a cute photo of Max I have to move slowly. He gets excited if he sees me getting excited and I’ll loose the pose.

Describe your relationship with your pet.

Max and I are very attached. We always look for each other when the other is being too quiet.

Describe your pet’s personality.

Max is incredibly sweet and playful. He loves getting new toys every week and is always by my side when I’m working.

Give us a random fun fact about your pet.

Max barks in his sleep and it’s the cutest thing ever!

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