Pet Rescue Stories

When animals are in danger, they can’t call out for help. But thanks to the tireless work of animal rescue advocates and emergency responders, the lives of dogs and cats are saved every single day. These uplifting animal rescue stories show how pets overcome abuse, neglect, and scary situations and go on to lives of hope and happiness.
Lucy the rescue dog
Dog Rescued from Meat Trade Finds Forever Home in Florida
One of 200 dogs rescued from a South Korean meat farm, Lucy found a new place to call home.
Helen Anne Travis
Lo the rescue puppy
Meet Lo: An Unexpected South African Rescue
In a dramatic rescue, a malnourished puppy found a new home on a new continent.
Diana Bocco
Rescued Daschshunds
Over 50 Dachshunds Rescued from Hoarding Situation
How one team sprung into action in a life-or-death situation.
Aly Semigran
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