Pet Rescue Stories

When animals are in danger, they can’t call out for help. But thanks to the tireless work of animal rescue advocates and emergency responders, the lives of dogs and cats are saved every single day. These uplifting animal rescue stories show how pets overcome abuse, neglect, and scary situations and go on to lives of hope and happiness.
Lady Bug the Dachshund
Lady Bug the Dachshund: From Nearly-Paralyzed to Wiener Race Star
She didn’t win the top prize—but she did win all the hearts.
Monica Weymouth
Ron at home
Ron, a Dog Who No One Wanted, Finds Forever Home
Ron needed a miracle to get off the euthanasia list and he found it.
Helen Anne Travis
Amber running in yard
Pit Bull Survives Third-Degree Burns and Finds New Home
Despite the trauma Amber endured, she never stopped loving people.
Christina Chan
Lucy the inn dog
Once Abandoned, Lucy Now Works as an Inn’s Canine ‘Greeter’
The senior pup is a star employee at The William Henry Miller Inn.
Diana Bocco
Chloe the kitten
5 Lessons I Learned from Chloe, a Paralyzed Kitten
Chloe taught me life lessons I didn’t know a kitten could teach.
Hannah Shaw