Pet Adoption

Adopting a dog or cat is a decision that changes lives. It’s an act that gives in-need pets a second chance. These happy stories of pet adoption showcase heartwarming moments when pet parents find their perfect companions. Follow along as these shelter dogs and cats finally find the love and care that they deserve.
Puppies in a puppy store
5 Lies Puppy Stores Tell You
Buyer beware of these puppy mill fronts
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Mowgli the dog
This Rescue Dog's Amazing 'Resume' Helped Her Get Adopted
This one goes to the top of the pile.
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Hank the dog
Dramatic Mystery Solved: The Case of a Shelter Dog and His Stuffie
A Lab and his stuffed hippo's hilarious Instagram mystery captured hearts everywhere.
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Mr. Handsome the cat
More to Love: Mr. Handsome, a Husky Feline, Gets Adopted
This cat is going from fat to famous to fit in record time.
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successful pet foster parents
8 Secrets of Successful Pet Foster Parents
All-star pet foster parents share their secrets of success.
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