Pet Adoption

Adopting a dog or cat is a decision that changes lives. It’s an act that gives in-need pets a second chance. These happy stories of pet adoption showcase heartwarming moments when pet parents find their perfect companions. Follow along as these shelter dogs and cats finally find the love and care that they deserve.
Jeff the Hugging Cat
Meet Jeff, the Adopted Shelter Cat Who Loves to Hug People
Who says felines aren't friendly?
Aly Semigran
Cone of Fame dog
The Inspired ‘Cones of Fame’ is Helping Dogs Get Adopted
How one volunteer used her photography talents for a good cause.
Aly Semigran
Isosceles the Corgi relaxing on a raft
Isosceles the Corgi Doesn’t Let a Disability Slow Him Down
This three-legged rescue Corgi lives life to the fullest.
John Plichter
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