Magic of Dogs

The bond between dogs and humans is unbreakable. Dogs shape our stories, lift our spirits, and enrich our lives. This canine-inspired essay series “Magic of Dogs” includes reflections and anecdotes about the ways dogs inspire and teach us every, single day. These dog essays will make you laugh and cry—and prompt you to hug your very best friend.
Ron Weasley and his owner
What Harry Potter and Ron Weasley (the Chihuahua) Did for My Son
How a red-headed puppy changed my son's life.
Stephanie Kaloi
Bianca the dog
My Dog Made Me the Mother I Am but She Didn’t Live to See It
Even in her death, Bianca taught me how to be a mother.
Brook Bolen
Enid outside
How My Dog Taught Me to Appreciate Small-Town Life
Though I enjoy being outside, the question had always plagued me: what should I do out there?
Maura McAndrew
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