Magic of Dogs

The bond between dogs and humans is unbreakable. Dogs shape our stories, lift our spirits, and enrich our lives. This canine-inspired essay series “Magic of Dogs” includes reflections and anecdotes about the ways dogs inspire and teach us every, single day. These dog essays will make you laugh and cry—and prompt you to hug your very best friend.
What my dogs taught me about marriage
What My Dogs Taught Me About Marriage
If I’ve learned one thing for sure, it’s that dogs do marriage right.
Victoria Schade
Milla and her Boxer Turk
Why Moving My Dog to the City Was a Total Mess
Our new life in New York City did not start out as planned.
Milla Chappell
My dog, my kid, and me: a love triangle
My Dog, My Kid and Me: A Love Triangle
What the dogs in my life have taught me, and my daughter, about love.
Vanessa McGrady
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