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Dog and firefighters
Pet News
Pit Bull Puppy Adopted by the Firefighter Who Saved Him
Titus survived against all odds and was given a brand new life.
Aly Semigran
The author with her dog
Magic of Dogs
Rescuing a Dog Helped Me Leave an Abusive Relationship
My dog showed me it was possible that my worth was on par with hers.
Kelly Green
Mo at home
Pet Rescue Stories
Senior Dog Rescued After Spending 9 Months in the Wild
Mo survived one of the harshest winters on record in the wild.
Lindsay Lowe
Lando at the beach
Magic of Dogs
Late Summers with Lando, the Dog Who Saved Me from My Grief
As the anniversary 9/11 and the loss of my daughter and grandchild approaches, I look to Lando.
Donna Lynn Marsh