Corgis in Food: The New Phenomenon You Need in Your Life

We need a snuggly Corgi and a slice of pizza, stat.
By: Nicole Pajer
Corgis in food

With their short legs, long bodies and perky ears, Corgis are pretty irresistible. Just when you thought these elongated dogs couldn’t possibly be any cuter, enter corgisinfood, an Instagram account that features these lovable pups embedded in an array of culinary delights.

Who knew a Corgi could pop so perfectly out of a mozzarella stick or look even more adorable as a lightly-toasted marshmallow topping a delectable s’more? We caught up with Liz Stahl, the mastermind behind the sidesplitting account, to hear about how this obsession with pairing pups and snacks came to be.

PawCulture: What was the inspiration behind Corgisinfood?

Liz Stahl:As a lifelong Corgi fan, I wanted to find a way to show my love for the breed in the most unique way possible. I work in social media, so I turned to Instagram and Facebook to see what things fellow Corgi lovers talk about and found an overwhelming amount of people talking about the various foods their pets reminded them of, and in many cases, naming their dog after the food that feels most appropriate. I also saw that there wasn’t anyone who was taking this to the next level and decided it was going to be my job. “You say your Corgi is a loaf of bread? Well, let’s see how they look when they truly become one!”

I started the page in late March and I continue to create because of the overwhelming response I have gotten from people around the world. I get up to 50 requests for new Corgi food creations daily. Most poignantly for me, a few fans have shared some very personal stories about various things they are going through in life, and relayed that this account is what they turn to during the day for that one little cathartic chuckle. That right there is reason enough for me.

Corgis in food donuts

PC: You own a Corgi. Tell us about your pup.

LS:I have a 9-year-old Pembroke named Izzy. She was a breeding dog for most of her early life and we adopted her at the age of 5. She is full of spunk!

The dog park is our second home. Izzy has the same approach each time we go: herd her friends into groups and then find the most filthy spot and roll in it for an hour. She also loves to chase water from a hose and has been known to jump into a few fountains on hot days.

I also love that being a Corgi mom has opened me up an entire new community of fellow Corgi lovers. We have meet ups at LA parks very regularly and of course we all attend the SoCal Corgi Beach Days.

PC: Why do Corgis fit so well in food?

LS:I think there are a few reasons. For starters, their coloring lends itself well to a variety of foods, especially breads, and desserts. Their shape is also ideal, as it can meld into soft rectangles, circles, and wide ovals. Not many foods fall outside of those shape types. I have seen the most success with finger foods and desserts.

Corgis in food dumplings

PC: How do you go about making the pictures?

LS:I first do a lot of brainstorming. I have a long list of foods that I want to use and I will isolate two or three that I am focusing on for the week. I then search through Corgi owners who have submitted photos by tagging @corgisinfood or using our hashtag and pick out options that fit nicely with the chosen food item. After that, I create them using a mix of Photoshop and an app called Bazaart.

It started out with just my Corgi, but as things started to take off, I began getting tons of requests from owners and I knew it was time to expand. Izzy will always be a presence but part of the magic is including the larger community of pet lovers. I will always call out the Corgis who are featured.

PC: What was the hardest piece of food to Photoshop a dog into?

LS:The hardest by far was when I put two versions of @calvin.the.corgi into a slice of pizza. Originally, the plan was to have both Corgis playing in the cheese, but the triangular shape of the slice made that very challenging. I assembled and re-assembled them multiple times and ultimately opted to tuck them both into the cheese for Corgi naptime.

Corgis in food pizza

PC: What photos have people liked the most?

LS:The most-liked post was of @apollothecorgi as a chicken croquette. The coloring mixed really nicely and the croquette shape looked dangerously close to the Corgi bod. Another early hit was my dog Izzy as a mini donut/munchkin. That post was turned into a variety of donut-themed memes and helped to get us out in front of a lot of new audiences.

My favorite is the blue eyed @leonardothecorgi as a blueberry muffin/loaf. Being able to leverage his unique eye color made the piece feel far more purposeful and I think the fans really got a kick out of it.

PC: What do you look for in the Corgis that you feature on the page?

LC:I am always on the hunt for the brightest and most in-focus shots possible. Center focal points are also a huge plus. I would also encourage fans to submit many different types of photos of their Corgi, while one may not work another absolutely could, based on the food I am using.

Corgis in food muffin

PC: What is the goal of corgis in food?

LS: Being able to laugh, sometimes at the smallest things, is one of the most important things in life and when I am designing these posts that is what I focus on: “I wonder how many people will smile when they see this?”

Our near-term goal is to grow the @corgisinfood fan base and of course continue to create the most unique art pieces possible. In the long term, we plan to expand @corgisinfood outside of Instagram into live events. We are already planning something special for our fans in the SoCal area … stay tuned!

Images via: @corgisinfood