Jessica Remitz

Jessica Remitz
Jessica is the managing editor of PawCulture and spends her days trying not to helicopter parent her beloved shelter pup, Darwin.

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Corgis at meet up event
Philly-Area Corgis Meet up for an Epic Play Date
A Corgi convocation, if you will.
Jessica Remitz
Winter Olympics cat
6 Cat Breeds That Could Dominate the Winter Olympics
More like Purrr-yeongChang.
Jessica Remitz
Winter dog
6 Dog Breeds That Could Dominate the Winter Olympics
Because we're always rooting for Team Dog.
Jessica Remitz
Dog with jack-o-lantern
DIY Pet Pumpkin Carving Stencils
Take your Halloween jack-o-lantern to the next level.
Jessica Remitz
Dogs at an animal sanctuary
Hurricane Harvey Pets Find New Start Thanks to Shelter Workers
After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, a Chicago-based shelter stepped in to help.
Jessica Remitz